DICKLESS (2017) | Director 


Written by Peter Shaffer Award recipient Aisha Josiah brings us a tour de force, one person show that explores gender identity, the roles we choose to play and the roles thrust upon us.

"a decidedly Tarantino-esque farce"  - Fringe Guru, 4/5 Stars

"proving that an audience can be fully immersed in a multi character story with nothing but one woman and a chair on stage."  - Edinburgh Festival Magazine, 4/5 Stars
"Dickless proves entertaining, engaging and utterly engrossing.”
"Like a one-person action movie with a generous serving of jet black comedy to whet the appetite.”
"The Edinburgh Fringe is packed full of one-person performances, but this is among the more convincing I’ve seen, effortlessly blending humour, emotion and storytelling to give a rounded and believable performance.” - The 730 Review, 4/5 Stars

Pictures by Russ Rowland at 59E59 Theaters, July 2017